2020 NFL Squares Fundraiser

This year we have decided to run a Squares Fundraiser for three select NFL games featuring teams from our region. There will be one game per month over each of the next three months. Please select as many squares as you would like on the grid out of the ones that are remaining. The entry fee is $50 per square. (Please see buttons below the schedule to select your square(s) and pay the entry fee)


Whichever square(s) you select you will be your square(s) for all three games that we are featuring. Once all the squares are filled, we will draw numbers for the first game. New numbers will be drawn before each game, but your placement on the board will remain the same. Every square is assigned two numbers between 0-9. One for the home team and one for the away team. Let’s say your numbers are 7 & 3. If the score at the end of any quarter ends in your numbers, you win. For example, if the score is 7-3, or 17-3, 27-13, etc. and corresponds to the right team, you would win. Payouts are $200 for each of the first three quarters and $250 for the final score for each of the three games. We will notify the winners by email at the conclusion of each game. If the board fills quickly we will open a second board.

This fundraiser will payout 50% of the funds collected to the winners with all remaining proceeds benefiting the Worthington AM Rotary and our charities such as:







These important causes do so much to help families, children, and seniors.

Please feel free to pass this along to friends, family, and co-workers.

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the Heinzerling Community, Worthington Scholarships and so much more.

2020 NFL Squares.png

*Dates are subject to change. If any of these games are not played, we will either assign a new game or draw winners at random.

Game Number:  422905

Authorization Code: wamr2020

Questions?  Please contact Matt Gregory at (614) 937-6501 or email at mgregory@ohioequities.com

Game 1 - Winners indicated in Red

Week 1.png

Game 2 - Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers - 10/18/2020

Week 2.png